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We believe in one thing above all else: quality. It's the driving force behind all of the decisions we make, which is why all of our servers have 8 CPU, 12GB and 15,000RPM SAS hard drives in a RAID10 array. It's also why we offer a control panel loaded with features, a support team that's available around the clock, and a price that you feel good about paying. It's our goal to provide you a hosting experience second to none.

We also believe in uptime, and take all the necessary steps to ensure it. Every server is monitored 24/7/365 by third party vendor, regular hardware checks are completed, and any potential signs of issues are reported to our administrators immediately. Because of these proactive measure we're confident in offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by our  SLA .We understand your sites accessibility is crucial, and take every precaution to make sure it stays that way.

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